Issue 1 – Page 17:  Shortly after their teleportation to this outer geekosphere, the nodes are approached by an air interface saucer carrying a 3-tier application of knowbots. This trinity of trinitrons download themselves to a triple bottom line in front of the nodes. Made out of exponential assembly and speaking in an unearthly extensible application mark-up language, the leader of the three selenium cells utters some unfamiliar twips which appear in ghostscripted picture messaging around their headers. Could these be secret key AlGorithms? Not being banner-blind, Router insources this inter-asterisk exchange protocol and begins a sequenced packet exchange — that contains some loose coupling — with the phantom pages. Is this an inter-galactic two-way authentication where red flags rule or the initialization vector of a kernel panic punchcard hard wired with kinetic energy and kludge? Troubleshoot on!

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