Green Dream

Issue 1 – Page 14:  As a green light emitting polymer and split horizon sparkline start to unravel the logical link control layer around them, the nodes lemniscate into a live migration of lun zoning transconductance and long-haul optics. They begin a link release upward on a long-distance carrier of longitudinal time code and logarithmic load balancing. The green cloud of longevity testing and lzw compression make them feel lossless — even lossy — as their on-the-fly time-division multiplexing leads to a cloud bursting superspeed USB. Their wireless resonance charging and  1,000 wan accelerators produce a web services atomic transaction.  The resulting GUI green wave polarization word wraps them to a timeshifting of wysiwyg oc levels that would whitelist any wireless power platform.  Will all this lead to a softlifting superstring theory of universal authentication or a star network transmission control protocol steam ripper shebang? Quicken your click-through rate to read the next logwatch.

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