The Jolt

Issue 1 – Page 2:  Watch out for that plug and play! Within a centum call second, Gill and Roy receive a compact flash java jolt of cloud bursting amplitude phase modulation right down to the access points in their connectoids.  This is about to become a Serious Reportable Event! A cold buffer refresh would…Read moreRead more

Night at the Data Center

Issue 1 – Page 1: Meet Gill and Roy,both dedicated data daemons who are about to enter the Zap Zone. Although they’re looking for caffeine, there’s some calibrated, vectored cooling heating up in the canned air overhead that is going to give their stacked cluster of nodes a carrier-to-noise ratio of real capacitance. Shield your…Read moreRead more

Self Aware – Cover Issue 1

Issue 1 – Cover: The story of three nodes who gain their noodles. Read on to see how Server, Router, and Switch get their gray matter ignited and engage in an inter-galactic adventure to turn some Inconvenient Truths into Incremental Backup. This is truly a cable head-end saga – complete with cache cramming – to…Read moreRead more