Lord Euranus

Issue 1 – Page 19: In a twisted nematic display of spintronics, the three Superheterodynes come out of the backbone closet to be in answer mode with the nodes.  The lead Trinitron introduces his peers with extensible name services that remind Router of a backdoor annular ring. Next, the Trinary spokesman takes them through a logic gate by saying they used their long-distance carrier on the nodes to help them achieve an internet routing in space that would allow their supercomputing Exabyte typefaces to replace the garbage in, garbage out E-waste and E-mail bankruptcy on Earth. Finally, he asks the nodes about the status of some golden master probe packet which supposedly will transform this entire BinHex into an absolute gain of privilege bracketing for the Superscalars. The triple bottom line of this ultrasonic signaling is the spoliation of the synchronous digital hierarchy on the nodes’ host planet.  How can Server, Router, and Switch react to this bit streaming Superposition? Will they respond with a structured query language that brings about a progressive download of back-end results? Will they seek status verification by performing a packet-level procedure on the Super DMCA’s aligned bundle? Or will they start flushing the queue toward the other side of

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