Bling It On

Issue 1 – Page 20:  When Router turns on his DIP switch  that has an adverse memory effect, he gives the aliens a negative acknowledgement on the whereabouts of the gold disk. The aliens then go into a cluster panic TIFF and start chaffing and winnowing at the nodes. Within an auto spid, Router, Server, and Switch go into system reloads searching every closed loop mrp in their bit buckets for near-end crosstalk on the  gold code — regardless of the angle bracket. After some thunking and a baffle in their bad sectors, they recall an image of a cipher block chaining which was loosely coupled around Roy’s neck before he logged out for a hotjava. The loose tube buffer he was wearing had a golden charge-coupled device on it. But what does [any of] this mean?  Will this DTMF cut-through in the nodes’ banded memory result in a compact flash DSLAM? Or will it lead to more channel conflict, command prompts, and talkdowns ultimately ending in envelope delays, side tones, and a mesh network of time slicing?  The universe is now hanging on a  very thin client login string!

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