The Download

Issue 1 – Page 6:  In a globbing cyber suck, Server ingests enough zettabytes in a grace hopper nanosecond that his zinc whiskers conficker right down to his catchment area. As he takes his download dump, Server fills his jitter buffer with so many jamcrackers that it causes data transfer throttling at the centrino of his googleplex. Feeling vaguely splitterless, Server continues to fill his load coils with greedy algorithms until he gets a Gzip on his lexibot, achieving a logical equivalence. Finally, suspecting he is suffering from feature creep and feeling the soreness in his flexgate sensors, Server’s gigaflops smooth out into a loose coupling of lowercamelcase as he judder jumps through his loopback test. But what kind of gray goo has Server geocached from this stash hunting? Flop the page to the next data link layer.

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