Uber Network

Issue 1 – Page 5:  Switch, clearly concerned that Router’s remote operating will make him a motion tween, tells him in plain text that this is no time for placeshifting. Router reluctantly reboots his back orifice into his motherboard where at first he feels like a solenoid in solid state storage. But back in the rack, he refreshes himself with a packet-level procedure that uses a one-arm router, password hardening, and pretty good privacy to discover the existence of an untrusted connection that may lead to a nirvana of network convergence. This keystroke dynamic is offloaded to Server’s core, and he is now about to take his active server page to the next application layer. Golly! Will this new level be a leaderboard of lightweight, but heady, extensible authentication? Or just a lights-out management link to quality source routing?

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