The Nodes are Back

Issue 1 – Page 12:  Switch, Router, and Server return from their fuzzy search by slingboxing their path control back to the data center.  After some softcooling, they conclude that the petaflop DVD they had encountered had left a ring tone in their audio/modem risers, causing a slashbox effect of malware throttling, packet mangling, and pan truncation. Exhausted and feeling like they had been hit by a front side bus, they decide to powercast down for the night to refresh, reload, and restore the computational grid of their conductance,  offline backup, and cybersquatter. Ohnoseconds later,  they are in a quiet zone of deep packet inspection as they rest their connectoids and stash their dropboxes into a digital sleep as deep as a 1,000 droupies.  Stay tuned, though, because tomorrow this discontinuous transmission will likely upconvert to an  ultrawideband  extensible open router platform where nodes can be knowbots and all kilobytes can become terabytes.

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