Two Hours Later

Issue 1 – Page 11:  Wi and Fi poke around with a memory stick to determine what the nodes accessed during their proximity sensing. The least significant bit of the most significant bit was a DVD recorded in AlGorithmic language with a 2-hour common language run time that felt like a 6-hour access time. This was because the video was devoid of content management and compressed with a double density of control flow graphs. As a result, Wi and Fi suffered from server message block and emitted a fair amount of electrostatic discharge while viewing it. Later, feeling quite pixelated, they used advanced video coding to conclude that humanware causes hot zones and that the nodes inconvenienced them by causing them to watch that bit-stuffing teraflop. They resolved to deal with both issues. But will this mean a grand unified boot loader of cyclic redundancy checks or a just-in-time blue screen of death?

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