Issue 1 – Page 22:  Clearly, Router, Server, and Switch are in a hot potato routing midsplit. They have pushed the minimize button and avoided an immediate cutoff mode, but as they yottabyte back to earth via an erbium-doped fiber amplifier we wonder what their error level will be in Issue 2. Until then, may…Read moreRead more


Issue 1 – Page 21:  The three alien dynamic hosts make an active push for the nodes to loop back to earth to get the golden token, which apparently is more powerful than a billion hum buckers.  The logic bomb behind the three majordomos’ meet-in-the-middle attack is to have the nodes do a load leveling…Read moreRead more

Bling It On

Issue 1 – Page 20:  When Router turns on his DIP switch  that has an adverse memory effect, he gives the aliens a negative acknowledgement on the whereabouts of the gold disk. The aliens then go into a cluster panic TIFF and start chaffing and winnowing at the nodes. Within an auto spid, Router, Server,…Read moreRead more

Lord Euranus

Issue 1 – Page 19: In a twisted nematic display of spintronics, the three Superheterodynes come out of the backbone closet to be in answer mode with the nodes.  The lead Trinitron introduces his peers with extensible name services that remind Router of a backdoor annular ring. Next, the Trinary spokesman takes them through a logic…Read moreRead more

Almost Vaporware

Issue 1 – Page 18:  Router earlier could have benefited from a SAP learning guide and is now close to becoming standalone vaporware.  Fortunately, Switch and Server express a just-in-time silence suppression that softswitches him. But with no shrinkware license to fall back on, the nodes’ status bar is at low frequency and sharding. On…Read moreRead more


Issue 1 – Page 17:  Shortly after their teleportation to this outer geekosphere, the nodes are approached by an air interface saucer carrying a 3-tier application of knowbots. This trinity of trinitrons download themselves to a triple bottom line in front of the nodes. Made out of exponential assembly and speaking in an unearthly extensible…Read moreRead more

The Nodes Have Landed

Issue 1 – Page 16:  The nodes’ X dimension cosmic placeshifting, VoIP xenodochial port forwarding, and WiMAX windows live skydiving have resulted in an uncompressing new XML schema definition. Their port replicator includes an unworldly demoscene in ultrawideband view of a flock of floating point space cephalopod units in a quantum mirage of Fibonacci sequence….Read moreRead more

Hyperspace Connections

Issue 1 – Page 15:  Within attoseconds, and without even googolplexing the hitchhiker’s guide, Router, Switch, and Server are inexplicably hypertransported across the vastness of space at a screen popping speed and land on the far side of the Andromeda galaxy with a hypersonic thud. Even without  TCP offload engines, TCP/IP accelerator networks, and a…Read moreRead more

Green Dream

Issue 1 – Page 14:  As a green light emitting polymer and split horizon sparkline start to unravel the logical link control layer around them, the nodes lemniscate into a live migration of lun zoning transconductance and long-haul optics. They begin a link release upward on a long-distance carrier of longitudinal time code and logarithmic…Read moreRead more

Sleep Mode

Issue 1 – Page 13:  With their fiber optics denormalized, the nodes fall further into sleep mode and enter into a deep ram. Their data at rest drops to a drilldown and both their cache cramming and cell breathing slow to one floating-point operation per second. The is no acoustic coupling except for the sound…Read moreRead more